1811 Magazine — Summer 2011
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Agency President Elections Online

Every three years FLEOA holds elections for Agency Presidents. The election process gives FLEOA members the opportunity to nominate and elect the individual they believe will best represent their agency. FLEOA Agency Presidents are the backbone of the organization. They serve on FLEOA’s National Executive Board (NEB) and are entitled to vote on many matters that come before the National Executive Board. They act as a liaison between agency members and FLEOA’s National Officers, bringing membership concerns and agency specific issues to the attention of FLEOA’s National Vice President for Agency Affairs. Agency Presidents are also the only ones who can nominate a member in good standing to run for national office. This is vital as the elections for National Officer are conducted every eighteen months during the National Conference.

This year, for the first time, Agency President Elections will be held online at FLEOA’s website, www.fleoa.org. The nomination and election process is described below and on the website. The duties and responsibilities of FLEOA’s Agency Presidents can also be found on the website. The future of FLEOA heavily depends on its Agency Presidents. It is every member’s duty to nominate and elect the person they believe would best fulfill the duties and responsibilities as the spokesperson for their agency.

Procedures for Online Elections

The period for agency president nominations will be open from June 15 through July 1, 2011. If you are interested in running for agency president or nominating a member for this position in your agency, go to www.fleoa.org. The nomination and election processes are opened to registered members only. All nominees must be active members of FLEOA for more than one year. After logging on to the members only section of the website, scroll down and click on Agency President Elections. This will bring you to the Agency Presidents Page for your Agency. You will then be directed to a nomination form. You will be required to enter the individual’s name you are nominating, your name and the FLEOA membership number. Please select the submission button to complete the nomination process.

After the nomination period closes, all candidates will have an opportunity to post a message on their respective agency page for their members review from July 2 through July 15, 2011. This two week period should allow ample time for respective members to review the candidate’s message if a member runs unopposed. Agency Affairs Vice President Chris Schoppmeyer will cast a vote for that person to ensure that the respective agency retains representation.

After logging on to the members only section of the website, scroll down and click on Agency President Elections. This will bring you to the Agency Presidents Page for your Agency. From July 16 through August 1, 2011 members can cast an online vote for their choice by clicking on the vote button under the nominee’s message. Once a member casts their vote it cannot be changed.

Votes will be tabulated and successful candidates will be notified before August 10, 2011 by President Jon Adler or VP for Agency Affairs Chris Schoppmeyer. The FLEOA National Officers encourage all members to consider running for an agency president position. In order for FLEOA to be a successful organization and have a positive impact on our profession, we need members in leadership positions with drive and determination to effect positive change. If you have any questions concerning the agency president elections, please contact VP for Agency Affairs Chris Schoppmeyer on his cell phone at (603) 970-1794 or e-mail at shoppmeyer@aol.com. Information technology questions can be directed to FLEOA web master Scott Eagle at www.webmaster@fleoa.org.

Duties and Responsibilities of FLEOA Agency Presidents

Only Agencies with more than 25 members in FLEOA are eligible to elect an Agency President.

Duties include (but are not limited to):

· Attending the FLEOA National Conference every 18 months. The next National Conference will be held in November 2011. If unable to attend, the AP must secure a proxy from within the agency. Travel expenses are paid for by FLEOA.

· Serve a term of office for three years.

· Act as a liaison between agency members and FLEOA’s National Executive Board.

· Communicate agency specific concerns and information to the National Officers through the VP for Agency Affairs.

· Perform duties as subject-matter-expert for agency members.

· Prepare correspondence for the National President’s signature concerning agency specific issues/concerns/legislation.

· Must have access to private electronic mail (e-mail) to facilitate timely communications.

· Conduct research on agency-specific issues and render reports to the National Officers.

· Proactively respond to agency concerns.

· Periodically communicate, at a minimum once annually, to agency members regarding agency issues and items of interest.

· Prepare a welcome letter for all new agency members. (mailing costs covered by FLEOA national.

· Assist the National staff by locating agency members with invalid current addresses.

· Forward to the Editor of The Eighteen Eleven, agency-specific input for publication in accordance with the production schedule.

· Assist National Recruitment Director on agency recruitment issues.

Foster and initiate liaison with other agency officers to assist with recruiting new members and maintenance of current members.

· Assist/liaison with other Agency Presidents and /National appointees as needed.