1811 Magazine — Summer 2011
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FLEOA Meets With CGIS Director Daniel Butler

FLEOA had a productive meeting with CGIS Director Daniel Butler on April 12, 2011. Director Butler met with FLEOA National President Jon Adler, National Agency Vice President Chris Schoppmeyer, FLEOA CGIS Agency President Eric Gempp, FLEOA CGIS Southeast Region representative and Chapter 14 President John Bottone at the CGIS HQ in Washington, DC.

FLEOA requested the meeting with Director Butler to discuss FLEOA’s role as a vocal and active advocate for America’s federal law enforcement officers. FLEOA explained its motto, Don’t Go It Alone, was more than just an adage, but was an aphorism that the organization stood fully behind. They explainedh ow FLEOA’s legal services is available 24/7 to support its membership and the timely financial support the FLEOA Foundation extends to FLEOA members killed in the line of duty.

A number of issues of concern pertaining to federal law enforcement were also discussed including issues of pay parity and consistency affecting special agents all across federal law enforcement. FLEOA appreciates Director Butler taking the time from his busy schedule to meet with them and hope to meet again to discuss other federal law enforcement issues and the effects on the federal law enforcement community.