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CHAPTER 15 PUERTO RICO SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – On December 26, 2010 Puerto Rico (PR) Chapter 15 officers donated a tabletop fingerprint station to leaders of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Venturing Troop #12 based at Levittown, PR. BSA Venturing Troop #12 has joined forces with PR Chapter #15 to promote child safety through future children identification events sponsored by the troop. Their next event will be the 2011 Scouts Jamboree-Emajagua Bayamon District to be held in March. BSA Venturing Troop 12 members received training on fingerprint taking from volunteer Deputy U.S. Marshals from the U.S. Marshals Service, District of Puerto Rico. They utilized their newly learned skills at the 2011 Scouts Jamboree-Emajagua Bayamon District in March. The troop also served as a force multiplier during the Take 25 events in May. Once again, we encourage current Chapter #15 members and FLEOA members from other Chapters who have recently PCS to Puerto Rico to update their contact information to include address, email and phone numbers by contacting FLEOA’s Members present fingerprint station to Boys Scouts of America Administrative Services, or going to www.fleoa.org, or by reaching out to any of the chapter officers. We want to be able to keep you informed of the events we are planning for 2011. Remember to invite your fellow federal agents, active or retired, residing in Puerto Rico who are not yet members to join FLEOA Chapter 15. For more information about Chapter 15 please contact any of the chapter’s Officers: FBI Special Agent Robert Baez, President, email: robert.baez@ic.fbi.gov or 787-994-0253; DEA Special Agent Waldo Santiago, Vice President, email: waldo.santiago@leo.gov or 787-505-5448; or Assistant U.S. Attorney Agnes Cordero, Secretary, email: agnes.cordero@usdoj.gov or 787-282-1843. 1811 SUMMER 2011 -23

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