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THE EIGHTEEN ELEVEN FLEOA Membership Application To become a member or renew your membership, please visit our website www.eoa.org. Phone: (717) 938-2300 or Fax: (717) 932-2262 FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION Please complete, make check payable to FLEOA, and mail to: FLEOA, P.O. Box 326, Lewisberry, PA 17339 APPLICANT’S NAME ADDRESS ADDRESS APT./ROOM# Date of Birth CITY STATE ZIP BUSINESS PHONE E-MAIL Address AGENCY Chapter/City to be assigned to † † † Former member rejoining Annual Membership Dues (rate shows increase effective Jan. 1, 2011): Regular $130 Trainee $65 Retiree $45 Associate $65 *Resigned $50 † Check † AMEX † MasterCard † Visa Account # Date Exp. Date Check # redit of ard older C C H Method of Payment Signature How did you hear about FLEOA? (Check one) † Newsletter † Member ____________________________________________ † Other __________________________ Seniority # Chapter Code Agency Code For Federal income tax purposes, payments to FLEOA are not deductible as a charitable contribution, however, they may be deductible as a miscellaneous expense. OFFICIAL USE ONLY: Date of Acceptance Special Introductory Price For First Time Law Enforcement Academy Trainees! Join FLEOA while attending a training academy and pay only $65 Please include the following information to receive the Trainee Discount. School Name and Class Number ___________________________________ Graduation Date ___________________________________ Note: FLEOA does not sell its mailing list. Any mail you receive regarding private companies is mailed by FLEOA at the company’s expense.

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