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L.V. and the P. She comes by it honestly, the P. Her great-grandfather, L.V., was indomitable. A force of nature. He ruled the roost fromTroost Avenue to Fifth Avenue.When he wasn’t roaming the globe in his yacht namedWakiva (yes, thatWakiva), L.V. dabbled with an upstart little enterprise called Standard Oil. His first love, however, was Standardbred horses. His second love was Kentucky. And the P.? She’s no pedigreed princess prancing around Park Avenue. She’s a touch indomitable herself. An attorney. A world traveler. She helps raisemoney for a decorative artsmuseum and rescues horses fromslaughter in her spare time. And there’s not a lot of that. You see, the P. is Proprietress. The Proprietress of L.V. Harkness. L.V. Harkness is her store, her passion. An homage to her great-grandfather’s love of the rare and wondrous. A living extension of her impeccable eye and taste. It’s a treasure trove tucked away in the heart of historic downtown Lexington. If ever you’re in horse country, please visit. In themeantime, though, these pages are carefully curated with items hand-picked by the P. just for you. She does that a lot, you know. Hand-picks items.Wanders the world. Rummages through themusty cellars of the great houses of Europe. Flirts, harangues, persuades, and cajoles. All so she can bring you delicacies that are nothing short of spectacular. Meissen, Daum, Buccellati—you know the names, she knows them. She’s been in their ateliers. She’s been at their dinner tables. The P. says, “Try this,” and suddenly a new collection is born. 1 You’ll see a lot of the P. in the pieces presented here. Her love of Kentucky’s incomparable landscape and the equestrian lifestyle she lives and breathes. Her belief that each day is an opportunity to embrace loveliness and grace. The P. respects that which is fine, that which is uncompromisingly craftedwith precision and pride. The P. doesn’t believe in ‘disposable.’ She rejects quantity over quality. The P. is an unabashed champion of luxury. So take your time. There’s a lot to peruse.What you have in your hands is something special.We promise. 1 2 3 4 pg. 59 2 pg. 8 pg. 66 L.V. Harkness & Co. 531 W. Short St. Lexington Kentucky pg. 20

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