AVCA Coaching Volleyball February - March 2011 : IFC

A1 Ankle guard with two removable inner stays, to enhance the lateral stability and to enable natural movement. ZAMST , enhancement. the leading brand in Japan for sports supports dedicated to ATHLETES, offers a comprehensive RANGE of products for injury PREVENTION, muscle care and performance Discover ZAMST and the retailers on www.zamst.com ! A2-DX One of the most advanced ZAMST products. 22 parts and 18 different materials have been assembled to create this high end ankle guard. JK-2 Knee support designed for sports requiring frequent jumps. The dual-layer pad applies pressure below the kneecap to reduce stress on the patellar tendon.Itiscombinedwith the understrap to enhance kneecap stability. 4%5 #PPGE[  &#1b;
 &#1a; &#0f; %TÃFKV RJQVQ &#1c; 5
 #XKNC ZK-7 Knee support with crisscrossed and parallel straps for an effective compression and intense anterior stability for the lower leg. Unique resin stays improve lateral/medial stability and enable smooth flexion and extension. Ideal for ACL/PCL support. Jean-Philippe Sol Member of the French volleyball national team, ZAMST user. ZAMST, partner of French volleyball national team, 2009 European vice-champion. ) 5 2 0 -$ 3 $ 1 Thumb Guard Thumb support with custom fit functionality. Its short length and compact design enables natural movements and makes it possible to wear under gloves. Ideal for goal keepers and ball sports. IW-1 IW-1 is ideal for fast care of injuries and pains according to RICE procedure. A must for every athlete! ZZZ]DPVWFRP


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