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Layer upon layer of beautiful light A well-designed interior employs three layers of light: Ambient or general lighting serves as the base. It creates a space with workable light – but without much drama. The architecture and interior details often fall into the shadows and workspaces may not have sufficient illumination. Ambient Accent lighting adds interest and depth to a space. An unlit tray ceiling looks flat and foreboding; when lit it com-mands attention. Over-cabinet lighting enlarges the visual perception of the room. Toekick lighting adds interest to the previously ignored floor. Lighted cabinets and under counters provide depth to the room. And well-placed pendants highlighting a counter add a stylish finishing touch to a room. Accent Task lighting helps illuminate areas where chores often take place – under a cabinet in a kitchen or over a desk in an office. It makes a dark space more useable and functional. Task 2 KICHLER®

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