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NATIONAL ELECTED OFFICERS President -Jon Adler (NY) Executive VP -Nate Catura (WI) Operations VP -Larry Cosme (VA) Agency Affairs VP -Chris Schoppmeyer (NH) Legislative VP -Duncan Templeton (DC) Membership Benefits VP -John Ramsey (MS) Treasurer -James Otten (NY) Secretary -Maria Coscia (MO) Awards Director -Shanon Mast-McPherson (CA) Chapters Director -Rasheed Tahir (DC) Immediate Past President -Art Gordon (MD) For more information on FLEOA Legal Counsel Mahon & Berger Lawrence Berger, Esq. -General Counsel Luciano Cerasi -Associate Counsel Jeff Jacobson, Esq. -Associate Counsel Joy Bertrand, Esq. -Associate Counsel James Osgood, Esq. -Associate Counsel (516) 671 -2688 1811 AGENCY PRESIDENTS Agriculture -OIG -Air Force -Office of Special Investigations -Agency for International Development -OIG Howard Chad (MD) Army CID -Jerry Cape (GA) Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Exp -Dave DiBetta (DE) Diplomatic Security -Elizabeth McAleer (NY) Bureau of Indian Affairs -Marla Hernandez (NV) Bureau of Land Management -Jason Caffey (MT) Commerce Export Enforcement -Richard Greene (IL) Defense Criminal Investigative Service -Silvana Falco (NY) DHS-Border Patrol -David York (MI) DHS-CBP-SI -JRob Moorhead (LA) DHS-Coast Guard Investigative Service -Eric Gempp (CT) DHS-Federal Air Marshals -Frank Terreri (CA) DHS-Federal Protective Service -Bruce W. Ellison (TX) DHS-Immigration & Customs Enforcement -Larry Cosme (VA) DHS-OIG -Joseph Ontiverous (TX) DHS-Secret Service -Donald J. Mihalek (DC) DHS-Transportation Security Administration -Donald A. Mc Mullen (CA) Department of Interior -OIG -Lynn Gannon (MN) Drug Enforcement Administration -Kimberly A. Loveless (DC) Education -OIG -Theresa Murray (RI) Energy -OIG -John P. Newton (WA) Environmental Protection Agency-CID -Vic Muschler (MO) Environmental Protection Agency-OIG -Dean Marcucci (OH) Federal Bureau of Investigation -Michael Parmigiani (PA) Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation-OIG -Michael Delgado (IL) Food and Drug Administration -Lee Roediger (KS) Fish & Wildlife Service -Andrew Aloise (FL) Forest Service -Paul Kain (AK) General Services Administration-OIG -Jean Kanokogi (NY) Health & Human Services-OIG -Josef Riekers (TX) Housing & Urban Development -OIG -Mark R. Heinbach (NC) Internal Revenue Service-CID -Pete Platt (CA) Justice-OIG -Carmine L. Marino (FL) Labor-OIG -Office of Labor Racketeering & Fraud Investigations -Jonathan Mellone (NY) Marshals Service -Bryant Semenza (PA) NASA-OIG -Bill Forrester (FL) National Marine Fisheries Service -Ernie Soper (NH) National Nuclear Security Administration -James Heidbrink (TN) National Park Service -Tim Alley (VA) Naval Criminal Investigative Service -Raffi Kesici (MD) Retirees -Stan Schwartz (CA) Social Security Administration -OIG -Michael Schexnayder (FL) State Department-OIG -Stan Becton (MD) Transportation-OIG -Michael Purcell (PA) Treasury IG For Tax Administration -Bruce Mason (AZ) U.S. Attorney’s Office-CI -Jordan Goodman (NY) U.S. Capitol Police -Raleigh Lopez (VA) U.S. Mint Police -Phil Coughlin (DC) U.S. Park Police -Raquel Lopez-Milano (CA) U.S. Postal Service-OIG -Eric Lawson (MD) U.S. Postal Inspection Service -Arthur Mindlin (NJ) U.S. Probation & Pre-Trial Services -Richard Gayler (ID) U.S. Supreme Court Police -Ernest Cessna (VA) Veterans Affairs-OIG -John Ramsey (MS) Legislative Counsel James & Hoffman Eighteen Eleven is the official publication of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, the largest professional association in the nation exclusively representing federal law enforcement officers and criminal investigators. This bi-monthly publication is sent free of charge to FLEOA members. It is designed to keep federal officers abreast of governmental activities affecting their careers and inform members of the activities FLEOA undertakes on their behalf. News Media Inquiries Television, radio, print editors and journalists wishing to speak with National Executives or make inquiries should contact FLEOA’s Public Affairs Officer Jennifer Mattingley at: Telephone (202) 293-1550 Email jmattingley@fleoa.org Legislative Consultant Siff & Associates, PLLC FLEOA Public Affairs Jennifer Mattingley 1100 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 900, Washington, DC 20036 (202) 293-1550 jmattingley@fleoa.org Submitting Photographs and Manuscripts E-mail: editor1811@fleoa.org Change of Address, Membership Information & Admin. Inquiries For membership applications, address changes, or membership status information, contact FLEOA’s Member Services Directors Dennis and Maureen Malloy at: P.O. Box 326, Lewisberry, PA, 17339, Telephone: (717) 938-2300; Fax: (717) 932-2262. E-mail: fleoa@fleoa.org Operating Director Liz McAleer Editorial Board Jon Adler Nate Catura Sheila Nickens Enid Febus Liz McAleer Jean Kanokogi Leslie Lockwood Recruitment & Chapter Activities Inquiries on recruitment and Chapter activities should be directed to Steve Levy at: (717) 938-2300. Chapter activities and inquiries should be directed to FLEOA’s National Chapters Director Rasheed Tahir at: rtahir@fleoa.org Editor-in-Perpetuity Edward Dennehy Chaplain Services FLEOA National Chaplains can be reached directly by calling: National Protestant Chaplain Rev. David S. Lothrop, P.O. Box 326, Lewisberry, PA 17339 Office (212) 924-0869 or (845) 358-6421 E-mail: reverendlothrop@cyburban.com National Jewish Chaplain Rabbi Niles Goldstein, P.O. Box 326, Lewisberry, PA 17339 Office: (312) 337-2072 or (917) 670-8214 E-mail: nilesgoldstein@hotmail.com National Catholic Chaplain Fr. Joseph D'Angelo 720 Merrick Avenue North Merrick, NY 11566 Home: 516-223-9101 Beeper: 516-559-6851 E-mail: skypylot1@aol.com Federal Law Enforcement Officers Added to NLEOM William Louis Pappan -ATF -December 04, 1935 A H Scott -BIA -June 22, 1925 Joshua Yazzie -BIA -June 07, 2010 Don Cleo Ware -DEA -October 12, 2004 Nathaniel Abidemi Afolayan -USBP -May 01, 2009 Michael Vincent Gallagher -USBP -September 02, 2010 Mark F Van Doren -USBP -May 24, 2010 Shaun Michael Lin -USCG -October 13, 2010 Charles Flyod Collins II -USCBP -August 15, 2010 Trena Renee Mclaughlin -USCBP -September 14, 2009 Brian A Terry -USCBP -December 15, 2010 John Richard Zykas -USCBP -September 08, 2010 Gregory Lee Mathews -Army -January 23, 1974 Christopher Upton -USDA-FS -March 05, 2010 Stanley Wayne Cooper -USMS -January 04, 2010 William D Allen -USPP -November 12, 1923 Moving? Don’t miss the next issue of The Eighteen Eleven! Call (717) 938-2300 Fax (717) 932-2262 or send your change of address to: FLEOA P.O. Box 326 Lewisberry, PA 17339 FLEOA@FLEOA.ORG The Eighteen Eleven is published quarterly by the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association P.O. Box 326, Lewisberry, PA, 17339. Office: 703-569-1008 National Directors Dir. of Administration -Tim Chard (UT) Dir. of Memorabilia -Kattya Lopez (CT) Dir. of Military Affairs -Raffi Kesici (MI) Dir. of Labor Relations -Frank Terreri (CA) Members Emeritus NATIONAL PRESIDENT EMERITUS Robert E. Van Etten EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS EMERITUS Victor G. Oboyski Jr. John Bannon Thomas X. Casey Albert B. Felberg Robert O. Johnson (D) John Knowles (D) Juan E. Albornoz Edward J. Devins Steven Levy Rudy Deutsch Timothy Danahey Thomas Doyle 1 811 SUMMER 2011 -4

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